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Wereldwijde specialist in kwekersrechten, licentieovereenkomsten, royalty’s en monitoring
RAI is the solution for suspected illegal practices

    Identifying and addressing illegality

    If a report form or a company visit flags up something irregular, we will take immediate action. In close consultation with the client we will determine the nature of our approach. If as a breeder you already have a long established business relationship with the party concerned, then of course you would like to avoid jeopardising this in any way. So instigating legal action or using the services of the bailiffs are perhaps options you would like to postpone for as long as possible. RAI can attend meetings or mediate on your behalf.

    If this does not achieve the desired result, then we will keep you fully informed about your ongoing options, such as auditing, summary proceedings, sequestration, fines and/or destruction. We will manage the entire process and act as the point of contact for the lawyer, solicitor or accountant. We advise solicitors when drafting pleadings, can attend court hearings and, if required, appear as an expert witness. We always do this in close collaboration with our client, and always in a professional and carefully considered manner.