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Wereldwijde specialist in kwekersrechten, licentieovereenkomsten, royalty’s en monitoring
RAI protects intellectual property, including breeders’ rights, plant patents, utility patents and trademarks

    Intellectual property

    The success of a new variety starts with the protection of the intellectual property. As a breeder you can only begin to enjoy the financial rewards of your efforts if the variety you have created is protected under the breeder’s rights.

    At RAI we take what is often a complex and protracted process out of your hands completely. For our clients in more than 30 countries we apply for breeders’ rights (plant patents in the US), utility patents for generic varieties such as double-flowered plants and we register trademarks with the appropriate authorities. We handle over 700 applications annually with almost half of these in Europe. This makes RAI the largest customer of the European breeders’ rights office (Community Plant Variety Office, also known as the CPVO).

    When a breeder transfers the applications for plant varieties' rights to RAI, this leaves him free to concentrate on his core business: the creation of new, successful varieties. Our unique online database enables you, the client, to follow the progress of your applications in detail, enabling you to keep abreast of its current status.